Ouch! Can you tell I am exhausted??? Replace "page" with "paragraph",
please. Does that make any more sense, or am I totally burned out beyond
all belief? <wink!>


PS: Excellent point: I should have realized that ALL flavors of
autonumbers will be treated the same. That doesn't solve my package
number problem. But it is good to know. Thanks!

Randall C. Reed wrote:

> I cannot get a "work package number" autonumber to work properly in 
> the files at the beginning of the book.
> "P:000<n+>" just returns "0001".
> I've gone into the document menu on both the book and individual files

> and set the "Page" numbering feature to "Continue."

But the autonumber isn't a page number, it's a paragraph number. You
need to set paragraph numbering to continue. Note, however, that this
affects all paragraph autonumber series; you can't have, for instance,
figure numbers restart while your package numbers continue. 


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