Hello Framers,

I have long used FrameScript and MSXML to import XML into unstructured 
FrameMaker files. MSXML is great because it uses standard XML technologies 
such as XPath and XSLT to access and manipulate XML files. FrameScript can 
"drive" MSXML using its EActiveXObject object.

There have been several instances where I wanted to import HTML files into 
FrameMaker, but it wasn't possible with MSXML because it requires 
well-formed XML. In some cases, it wasn't feasible or practical to convert 
the HTML to well-formed XML. During a recent project, I discovered a simple 
workaround to the HTML problem. I used regular expressions to extract the 
necessary section from the HTML document and convert it to a well-formed XML 
document. Then I used my usual MSXML process to import the data into 

I have outlined the process in a small case study. You can see the PDF here


If you have any need for HTML to FrameMaker conversions, please let me know. 
We can explore if it is feasible using FrameScript and MSXML. If your data 
is non-proprietary and you would like to participate in a more detailed case 
study, please let me know. Thanks.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

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