Stuart and Theresa,

   You don't have to turn off the smart quotes to type a regular quote
symbol. All you have to do is type Esc+Shift+" and this will put in a
regular quote symbol. I'm not sure that it will work in the Search
dialog box, though. You could still copy and paste it in, though, I


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Theresa de Valence wrote:
> Sorry! The characters did not survive the post to the list.
> \g produces a character which _looks like_ two commas.
> Any idea what it is? Any idea how I get Frame to replace with what the
> post to the List achieved?
> Thanks.
> From: Theresa de Valence 
> Oops!
> \g produces:
> "Last night instead of "Last night
> Ideas?

Sorry, my bad; I was going by memory.  It sounds like you're finding the

smart quotes ok, it's just the replacement that isn't working.

Well, instead of \g, first turn off Smart Quotes in the FM doc, and then

type a double-quote somewhere, copy it, and paste it into the replace 
with box.

I think...   I'm not in FM right now and don't have time to test.


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