Caroline Tabach wrote:
> Hi, The question is, where did the PDF come from. For instance, in
> some PDF files created where I work, the text is actually exported
> from a graphics program as a graphic, and therefore it cannot be
> easily turned into Word or Frame. In other words, are you sure that
> the text in the PDF is really text? 

Exactly what I thought, Caroline.  Doug, can you select the body text in 
Acrobat using the Select Text tool?  If you switch to the Select Image 
tool and click on the body text, does the whole block between headings 
get selected?

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> Hiya folks,
> I have a PDF file that I want to edit using either FrameMaker or
> Word. However, when I use Acrobat 7 to save it as either DOC or RTF,
> the only thing that gets saved are the headings.  At first I thought
> it was the bookmarks that were being saved, but the same thing
> happened after I deleted the bookmarks and then resaved it.
> Any ideas on what's going on, or why this is happening?  No security 
> has been implemented in the PDF.
> I can save the file as PS or EPS and it seems large enough to be the 
> full document, not just the six or so pages of bookmarks/headings,
> but I don't know how to convert PS or EPS to FM or DOC.  Ideas?

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