Tammy ... may I suggest you get a @Gmail.com e-mail account? I can
send you a Gmail invite for this purpose, to your current active
e-mail address.

Once you get that account going - very easy, by the way - and get the
Framers list issues worked out and pointing to it), you can then
*automatically* forward e-mails sent to that address to any other
address as you change gigs (so then you do not need to read multiple
e-mail sites).

Then, it is all under your control for the future. Let me know if you
want me to send you the gmail invite.

I'll make this a public response, since I think this is a workable
solution for others too ... (although I'd go nuts trying to field
Gmail invites)! :)



Van Boening, Tammy wrote:
> All,
> I have been trying in vain to unsubscribe from the framers list and
> tech-whirl list for several days now as I am leaving this gig and will
> soon have a new email address; however, no luck. No matter what I do,
> whenever I log in, I either get timed out or when I try to unsubscribe,
> an access denied message. I even tried sending an email direct to the
> listadmin email address that is listed on the first page of the website,
> but I get immediate bounce back from that as undeliverable. Has anyone
> else been experiencing these or similar problems with the site?
> TIA,
> Tammy L. Van Boening
> Senior Technical Writer
> Fiserv Insurance Solutions 
> Property and Casualty Division
> 303-729-7733
> tammy.vanboening at fiserv.com
> ***********************************************************************
> Keep smiling, at least until you get your own way.

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