Tina wrote:

"If I take out
the now disappeared long footnote (by deleting the footnote reference in the
text), all the other footnotes go back where they belong"

Are you sure about this? If there are lots of long notes in the doc 
it's very likely that FM has pushed some of them in their entirety 
onto the following page. FrameMaker can't split long notes across 
pages correctly. Useless behavior which, as Rick said, has been with 
us since FM 4 (FM 3 in my experience, and no doubt since FM 1 -- the 
footnote facility was programmed to do exactly what it does, by 
people who didn't understand how footnotes are supposed to behave). 
So you have to break them manually, using text boxes inside anchored 
frames for the part of the note that won't fit on the page with the 
reference number in the main text. Or else make them all endnotes by 
the ugly method described in the user manual, which I once automated 
in Applescript. But endnotes are so reader-hostile that it's worth 
slogging thro' the manual process.

Graeme Forbes

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