> The movement toward Extreme Programming and Agile Development is a 
> case in point; documentation is considered a waste of valuable 
> developer time, and only needs to be slapped together in minimalist 
> form at the last minute. That is at odds with the "TW perspective"
> of involvement during the entire development process (which is ONLY 
> appropriate for Waterfall, because everything else changes).



"Outside your extreme programming project, you will probably need
documentation: by all means, write it. Inside your project, there is so much
verbal communication that you may need very little else.  Trust yourselves
to know the difference."

Ohhh wait, you mean that internal documentation is a waste of time, not
customer facing (and requested) documentation. Right?

That'll be why, as one of three technical authors working within an XP
driven development team (and I mean within as in sitting alongside,
contributing to design discussions, arguing UI points, trying early builds)
we are struggling to keep up with the (external) documentation requirements.


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