Radha, a search of the archives for this list and other lists that
discuss FM (e.g.,techwr-l and techcommpros) will offer some good advice
for this. O'Keefe and Loring's "FrameMaker 7" book discusses the process
and the Table Cleaner plug-in on p. 187. Also, the document at
http://www.techknowledgecorp.com/public/word2frame.pdf offers an
excellent overview of Word-to-Frame conversion efforts, has a section on
table conversions, and includes a Word macro at the end that can be used
on a MIF file to facilitate the process.

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  I have to update an existing FM Book with new requirements. I am given
a Word document with about 10 tables (and lot of other text content
too). The size of the tables range from 5 to 40 rows and 3 to 5 columns.
Is there a way to quickly copy/import that Word table data into FM
tables? My FM files have named, designed tables. Using FM7.0 with XP.

  Thanks for your help.

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