Yes. Because Sony's stategy is based on first mover advantage and the high 
prices innovators are willing to pay. They are much less interested in the 
price competion and flood of imitations that inevitably follow a successful 
innovation. in the Design, Development, 
and Production of:Technical Documentation - Online Content - Enterprise 
Websites> Subject: RE: First on market (was RE: radical revamping of techpubs)> 
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2007 14:25:54 -0500> From: Jim.Pinkham at> To: 
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What about the business strategy of Sony? Admittedly, I see some loyalists, but 
I see many consumers who are inclined to wait for the price to inevitably come 
down when a new Sony product hits the market -- or who head for alternatives 
that don't involve annoyingly proprietary formats such as the Memory Stick.> > 
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Many, especially in business, would argue the opposite; the first mover 
advantage is huge. Case in point, the business strategy of Sony. > > The 
philosophy of "lifers"--build a widget, establish a broad base of loyal, 
satisfied customers, grow the organization organically is about as obsolete as 
"Live long and prosper." Ask any small business owner in a location adjacent to 
Wal-Mart about customer loyalty and branding. Or ask anyone who worked in the 
Oldsmobile division of GM.> > > > Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2007 09:30:49 -0700> To: 
gflato at; > > tekwrytr at; framers at> From: > > john at> Subject: First on market 
(was RE: radical revamping > > of techpubs)> > Despite the incredible pressure 
that people feel to be > > the first on > the market with the latest release, I 
think history > > shows that it is > almost NEVER the first product to market 
that has > > long-term success, > at least in high-tech. The IBM PC was not the 
> > first to market by a > number of years. Microsoft hasn't ever gotten > > 
there first with > anything that comes to mind. VisiCalc. WordStar. > > 
Doc-to-Help was, > I think, on the market before Robohelp, yet they > > got 
outmarketed > ultimately. VHS vs. Beta: Beta was, and is, a better > > overall 
format > but VHS outmarketed Beta and >poof< no more Beta. And > > so on. It > 
could be argued that what tends to work is the products > > that watched > what 
the first product did and then didn't make the > > same mistakes or > at least 
capitalized on marketing. There are > > exceptions to > this--Visio comes to 
mind--where something is so truly > > innovative as > to be unique, but these 
are rare and stellar examples. > > For the most > part, the first product to 
cross the finish line is > > guaranteed to > ~not~ survive the test of time.> > 
Even on a > > short-term basis, pushing a product out the door to meet an > > > 
arbitrary schedule gets you what you deserve. Who here is fool > > > enough to 
install the .0 version of anything from, say, Microsoft or > > > Adobe? And 
who, having done that, got away with it with their > > > computing skin intact? 
Robert Cringely was nice enough to quote me > > > in his column a couple months 
ago: "At Microsoft, quality is job > > > SP1," but this is an aphorism you 
could apply to a lot of companies, > > > not just the folks in Redmond. They 
all feel the same pressures and > > > make the same mistakes.> > If I knew that 
a company was actively > > taking a few extra months to > plan things and 
deliver me a bug-free > > product, I'd be very impressed > and would consider 
that heavily when > > shopping for something.> > > Yours truly,> > John Hedtke> 
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