Miriam Boral wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> Periodically, for no apparent reason that I can discern, all the 
> contents (either graphics or equations) of anchored frames, both on body 
> and reference pages, simply vanish. I can repair the problem by copying 
> one of the missing graphics (or equations) from a different file and 
> pasting into the appropriate frame. This causes ALL the missing graphics 
> (and equations) to reappear.
> Although I've found this workaround, I would like to understand why this 
> is happening. I'm currently using FrameMaker 7.2 but have been having 
> the problem for years with previous versions.
> Does anyone else have this problem? Any idea what's going on?

Well, starting with basics, have you used Ctrl + L to refresh the 
display?  Frame is notorious for being in the dark ages and not doing a 
screen refresh automatically.

You could also check the Run-Around properties of various objects in the 
frames (although that affects text more than graphics), because anything 
other than Don't Run Around can cause bizarre behaviour of nearby objects.

A third possibility is that you have turned off graphics display with an 
inadvertent keyboard shortcut.  Check View > Options > Graphics and make 
sure it's selected.


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