I am preparing an update installer to be deployed by authors in my
organisation.  The update contains mainly updated EDDs and other
supporting files and will be copied to the Structure subdirectory.

I need to determine the location of where FrameMaker has been
installed, as not all authors have the same directory structure, so I
can't presume that FrameMaker will always be in C:\Program

So, I think the location of where FrameMaker has been installed is
available somewhere in the registry (yes, this is Windows).  However,
searching for the string "Adobe\FrameMaker7.2" yielded several
results.  Here are my candidates:

HLKM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\Path
  (where the string in between { and } is some kind of unique identifier.

I would be grateful for advice which key to choose as I am not sure
which one  is the most reliable.

Thank you.

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