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Peter Gold wrote:
> This has been asked in various permutations and answered with a variety of
> suggested solutions, on one or another of the FrameMaker forums. A Google
> search for framemaker page numbering, or framemaker custom page numbering,
> should turn up one or more discussions.
> Usually one suggestion is to create a small flow-tagged master-page text
> frame on the master for the particular body page, Left, in this case, to
> hold page numbers.  Then on the first left body page, tag the paragraph
> marker in the text frame with a numbered format that's set to start at top
> of column, and press enter a lot of times to push numbers into all existing
> pages.
 >>>>>>>>>> I wouldn't do this because you can't have references to 
"real" page numbers, as in cross-references, table of contents and 
index. Also, you'll need to set up two flows: one for the source 
language (A) and one for the target language (B). And you can't have 
flow A on the left master page and B on the right, they will get mixed 
up when FM adds pages.
> On 9/3/07, Shmuel Wolfson <sbw at> wrote:
>> If you could create a custom variable which calculates ((current page
>> number + 1) / 2), that would do the trick. Does anyone know if this is
>> possible?
> Variables don't increment this way.
> If you create Flow A on the left pages and Flow B on the right pages,
>> can they have separate numbering?
>  No. But, because FM only can have one page number per spread, another
> solution is to create a two-page wide layout, and use standard page numbers
> that display only on the "left page." You'd need to create a master-page
> text frame for Flow B, with Autoflow property for the "right page."
 >>>>>>>>>> This will work better for the page numbers and references to 
the page numbers. You may need to try some special impositioning tricks 
in the PDF file, for example if you want to print a booklet 

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