I noticed the same problem with show+hide. Is there a limit to the
number of conditionals Frame 7.X supports?

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Subject: Conditional Text problem on Frame 7.1 on Win XP Professional

Is there a bug or limitation regarding FrameMaker Conditional Text Tag
I received a base document with several different conditions
reflecting various model names within the same product family.
Examples of tag names are:

and so on

After setting the system to show the first ABC condition but hide the
latter two, I generated Help files in Webworks but the other ABC
conditions showed.

In an experiment, I changed one of the conditions to ABC_208, and lo
and behold, ABC_208 stayed hidden. However, ABC224D remains in the
document when it shouldn't. According to this pattern, would I have to
change this to ABC__224D for FM to recognize the difference?

And what if I need to add additional variations to a name like
ABC2024G and ABC2024F? Does Frame not recognize the difference?

Hope you can help me,


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