FrameMaker 7.x cannot open FrameMaker 8 binary files. However, 
FrameMaker 8 can save files in FrameMaker 7 binary or MIF format for 
backwards compatibility.

 From a practical perspective, in mixed-version environments (e.g. FM7.x 
and FM8), I've found that it's Really Easy to Forget to "Save As" FM7 
from FM8.

You may see artifacts of FM8 features in the back-saved files 
(specifically, conditions used to implement FM8 text edit tracking). 
Also, I would tread carefully if you are heavily using Unicode support 
(which I suspect you are not, since you are migrating forward from FM7.x).


Jon Harvey wrote:
> Everyone,
> I have one person on my team who plans to upgrade to FM8. The rest of us
> have either 7.0, 7.1, or 7.2. Is there an issue with compatibility if
> she saves files as FM8? Can FM8 save files in version 7.x?
> If she saves her files in 8.0 and we find we can open them, are there
> still compatibility issues we need to be concerned about?
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