Frame 7.22.158
mem - 1g

Beginning yesterday in the afternoon when an object was selected for 
movement, its trajectory to the intended position was stuttered/bounced in 
about 6pt increments.

The objects involves are: Frame created "rules and shapes", Table cell 
boundaries, and Graphic (.tif or .eps) boundaries.

I know not what I have done to cause this affliction.

I have searched for all (sys & app) *.ini files and find "fmtoolbr.ini - 
9/6/07 @ 5:13" to be the only .ini file to be "Modified" since 2/5/07.

So, . . . I opened the fmtoolbr.ini in Frame as text, But, I know "nada" 
about what I see there or even if I'm looking in the correct place.

As my customers fail to accept "approximately correct" this seems to be a 
serious problem.

Many thanks for sharing your knowledge of a solution.

best to all,

dick doll
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