If the PowerPoint slide sections are contiguous, I would consider using 
Adobe Acrobat to combine multiple PDF files -- some produced from 
FrameMaker or Word; some produced from PowerPoint. All of the options 
for working with PowerPoint content in FrameMaker are problematic, 
especially if content will continue to be updated in PowerPoint. You can 
even add rudimentary headers/footers in Acrobat to handle the inevitable 
page numbering issues.


Linda G. Gallagher wrote:
> I'm wondering if anyone offered any options offlist. I'm talking to a
> prospect about converting some Word docs that have lots of PPT slides
> embedded in them to Frame. There are multiple books, totaling to over 1400
> pages, with I don't even know how many slides in each doc, but there are
> lots.
> They are also constantly updating the content in both the slides and the
> books that I'd convert, so I'm also wondering about a good way to do this.
> Creating the PDFs and cropping them each time there's an update seems a bit
> onerous.
> I've also done some OLE with PPT and Frame, but it made the file load very
> slowly and it was difficult to work in. 
Alan Houser, President
Group Wellesley, Inc.

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