Diane Gaskill wrote:
> The keyboard shortcut to switch languages was set to Left Alt Shift
> and I apparently was hitting those keys without realizing it.  Next
> time it happens, try that key combination and see if it switches
> back.  If not, click Settings >Control Panel > Regional and Language
> Settings > Details and turn off all the languages except English.

I have experienced the same thing.  I use the Alt key a lot to activate 
menu choices.  In Framemaker, that can make for inadvertent language 
changes when trying to activate the Shift menus -- to get File > Save 
All Open Files, or Graphics > Pick Up Object Properties, for example.

Photoshop is prone to the same problem, as the Shift and Alt keys are 
used in many shortcuts.  I've just come to expect it from time to time, 
and am no longer surprised when my dialog box entries suddenly appear in 
Cyrillic :-)


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