Thanks to everyone for your great responses.

FYI, I might add that an advantage of my working for a very small 
company (and having been there many years) is that I don't need to 
make a formal proposal for this. (Of course, at the same time, there 
will be no consultants, etc., just me in the role of strucutered app 
developer, author, etc.) As long as I produce the existing 
documentation as needed, I can take my time implementing structure 
and exploring how we can benefit. (Our unstructured templates are, by 
the way, very well structured so I'm accostumed to thinking this 
way.) My hope is that with XML import and export, I won't spend as 
much time as I now do converting text to and from FrameMaker (which 
our developers don't use).
Our documentation includes lots of in-line code snippets which must 
be manually formatted with character tags. I'm always looking for a 
way to reduce this part of the job.


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