Wrong! FrameMaker 8 DOES make PDFs with cross-references.

What you need to do is to create the Acrobat settings to Generate Tagged

Until Adobe creates a patch, to generate PDF in 8, you must check Yes in the
Generate Acrobat Data > PDF Setup... > Links >G enerate Tagged PDF section
of the File > Print Book window.

This a known bug.

Valerie Lipow
vallipow at gmail.com

On 9/14/07, Tony Marek <tony.marek at pdf.com> wrote:
>    There's a critical bug in Frame 8, which I just spent an afternoon and
>    morning tracking down on my own and with some questionable help from
>    Adobe Tech Support (30 min. phone wait once they put me in the
>    queue).  Frame 8 cannot currently create a PDF file for an entire book
>    if there are cross-references within the document. PDFing works
>    chapter by chapter, but not for an entire book. The tech support guy I
>    just got off the phone with, after some asking around while I held for
>    another 10 minutes, discovered that this is the current situation and
>    there's no workaround. (Why he did not already know I don't know.) So
>    Frame 8 is useless for PDFing any books that contains cross-refs --
>    e.g. all the books my group publishes.
>    I've unistalled 7.1 already and now have to reinstall -- and save my
>    Frame 8 files to Frame 7.
>    I await the patch that fixes this but the Adobe tech would not predict
>    when that would be.  On top of that, there is Nothing posted on this
>    in the Adobe Support site.
>    Adobe is officially too big. They've become MicroSoft.
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