Yes, that's exactly right. The footnote reference ends up in a more or less
random place, usually about three or four places back from where it was. The
only fix I have is to do a global search on footnotes and look for them all
to fix them. Kind of annoying.

So far, it seems to only happen to footnote references and index references.
The index references moving to the middle of a word is only annoying to me,
no one else can see the tags. But the footnote references moving means that
the RTF to Frame translation is introducing errors.


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So Tina,

To get this right. You have opened the rtf file in a text editor,  
found the relevant footnote in the text and seen that it is  
positioned correctly. But when it is imported into FM8 it is moved to  
a more or less random location to within 5 places of the original  

If that is the case, this is a pretty serious problem. Much of the  
work I do involves importing rtf files, mainly from Word.


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