I'm working on a document with lots of footnotes.

I have a block of text that is an full-page excerpt from another source, and
the style we've established for this type of information is to put it in a
box. I have a graphic frame (anchored) with a text frame inside that, with
the text from another source.

However, when I do this, the footnote that is in this excerpt gets all
messed up. The numbering starts over at 1, and the footnote text appears at
the bottom of the text frame, not at the bottom of the page with the other

I tried setting the whole thing in a table (another way to get a thin black
line), and my footnote turns into a "table footnote"-it becomes a lowercase
letter instead of a number, and the footnote text appears just below the
table, and not at the bottom of the page.

What I want is a black line around my text excerpt, and I want the footnote
to be just like all the other footnotes, numbered correctly and appearing at
the bottom of the page. The Frame help on footnotes isn't helpful. Would
love some input from a Frame footnote expert, or some other way to get my
text in a black box. Thanks.


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