Alison Carrico wrote:> Do you have more than one primary font? I have to make 
> these kinds of changes often for clients who use both a 
> sans serif and a serif font & a simple Global Update will 
> not work in that situation. I have found that the easiest 
> solution is a "Report Formats" script run through Framescript. 
> In fact, that script was the primary reason I purchased 
> Framescript. But if you don't have Framescript & want a 
> free solution, Shmuel's suggestion of isolating the styles 
> you need to change in a separate doc & importing to the 
> book is the method I used before I had Framescript.

Actually, you *can* use the Global Update command in this
situation by limiting the "globalness" of what you're changing
at any one time. If you select a block of contiguous paragraphs
that use the same font (even if they use different tags), you
can then use Global Update to change the default font in all
of the tags that are represented in the selection. 

If font changes are something that you need to accommodate 
frequently, you can create a template document that has a
single representative example of each paragraph tag, grouped
together according to the default font. Then you can use 
the Global Update to change all of the tags that use each 
represented font and then import paragraph formats from 
the modified template into the actual document files. Once
you've got the "sampler" template, it takes less than 5 
minutes to change all the fonts in a whole bookful of files
that use the same tag set.

-Fred Ridder

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