Hi, Miriam:

In the FM file, if the links are colored with a character tag, you can
redefine it to black in one chapter, then import only character
formats to all files in the book.

If the links are colored by applying the color as an override, use
Find/Replace for Character Format (not Tag). In the Find format dialog
box, set everything to As Is except, set the color to the link color.
You can replace by pasting a character tag that sets only the color,
from the clipboard. Find/Replace works across books, so you can do
this in one swell foop, BUT remember to open and save all files in the
book for safety. Even better, copy the whole file set before

> >
> > I know this spills into the wide world of PDF, but my guess is that
> someone else has had this issue.
> >
> > From a book file (Framemaker 8, Acrobat 8 Standard), I need to
> generate a black and white print-ready
> > PDF. I've got graphics and blue (hyperlinks) text. I'd like the blue
> text to come out as black.
> >
> > I think I need to fiddle with the Acrobat joboptions file and
> postscript. But I'm not sure how.
> >
> > Any ideas?



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