Good morning all,

1. I get an unresolved x-ref message for 1 file when opening the 35 files in 
the book. I can't find this unresolved xref and I have tested every xref in the 
chapter. Unresolved xref error does not appear in the Error log when updating 
the book. When generating chm files in WWPro for FM the same error message 
appears. What gives? Why can't I find this elusive xref?

2. I have applied a left and right, 2 column master page to two consecutive 
pages in the middle of a document. (thank you Richard Coombs for all your help 
in making it look right). I want only these 2 pages (with special information) 
to use these master pages. However, if the pagination changes the 2 col layout 
gets applied to the wrong page. How do I attach the 2 col layout to only the 
designated pages?

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