I have a client who is preparing for a major localization effort for
their online help & printed/PDF documentation. The existing docs are in
Word (yes, I know) and the help is done with RoboHelp.  Their lead tech
writer, who handles the docs, is completely sold on our recommendation
that they take this opportunity to convert to a single-source workflow,
but he's getting a lot of skepticism from the Help developers.  He is
currently working on converting the Word docs to Frame & is looking at
Madcap Flare to create the help. 

We're working together to address the help developers' concerns and to
sell their financial people on the long-term benefit of the large
initial cost in time & effort to consolidate the docs & help. He is very
interested in talking to anyone who is working in a single-source model
and/or who has made such a transition.

If you are willing to share your experience or if you know of any
relevant case studies, please let me know so I can put you in touch with
my client.  Any insight you are willing to share will be greatly

Thanks very much!


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