Thanks to those who have replied.  It might have seemed like an odd 
question, now that I know there are 2 discs.  However, we've bought some 
sort of corporate licence and all I have is an exe file that our IT 
people have provided - I assume they have downloaded it.  I will see if 
I can get hold of the actual discs etc.



Pete Rourke wrote, on 3/04/2008 6:52 a.m.:
> Mine came with 2 discs, I loaded the PDF Printer (from the 2nd)
> Following the standard installation, it would be wise to do the updates (at
> least 2) from the help menu before use.
> Pete
> Chandler, AZ
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> Hi Folks
> I'm the first in our team who will install Frame 8 - so I'm the lucky 
> guinea pig who will be testing our templates to see how they behave in 
> the new version.
> Although I've been keeping a record of bugs and problems reported on the 
> list, I can't find anything about the actual installation (and 
> FrameUsers is down at the moment).
> So, are there any problems or gotchas I should be aware of before I 
> install Frame 8?  I currently have Frame 6 and Acrobat 7 Pro installed.  
> Will Frame 8 try to install a version of Acrobat (as happened with 
> previous versions), and if so, can I cancel that so I don't lose my 
> already installed Acrobat?
> Any advice much appreciated.
> Cheers
> Dave


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