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Hi, Syed:

 >  In tables that do not "stretch" over the entire page width, table
 >  footnotes do not stretch to the page width either. They wrap --- pretty
 >  much at the right edge of the rightmost table column.
 >  Is there a way to change this? I.e., have the table be relatively narrow
 >  and yet have the table footnote go all the way across the page (or to
 >  some other setting point)?

 You can imitate table footnotes:

 * Change the table footnote paragraph format to white text, 2pt, no
 space above/below, run-into paragraph. This makes them very small, all
 on one line below the table.

 * Delete or rename the Reference-page table footnote separator frame.
 This eliminates space between the table and the tiny invisible

 * Create a new paragraph format for your fake table footnotes.

 * Create a new cross-reference format for your fake table footnotes,
 with the building block <$paranumonly>. Precede it with a
character-format building block if you like, for example

It works like this:

* Create a table footnote in a cell. The footnote's reference symbol,
number, or letter appears at the insertion point. The actual footnote
symbol, number, or letter appears below the table, white and tiny -
almost invisible. Because its paragraph format is run-into, additional
table footnotes will appear on the same line, until there are so many
that they wrap to the next line.

* Below the invisible table footnote indicators, create a new blank
paragraph tagged with your new table footnote paragraph format.

* Insert a cross-reference to the paragraph in the table that has the
table footnote reference.

* The table footnote's reference symbol, number, or letter appears at
the beginning of the paragraph.

* Type the footnote text; it wraps at the right margin as expected,
independent of the table width.


* If you rearrange the order of the table footnote sources, or
add/delete table footnotes, you'll need to use Edit > Update
References All Cross-References to update the cross-references.

* If you insert new footnotes in cells before, or between others in
the table, you'll need to create their fake paragraphs at the
corresponding place in the footnote list that follows the table.

* Depending on your needs, you may want to create your fake table
footnotes in a text frame in an anchored frame you create below the

You can find more about the principle involved here by reading the
topic "Inserting more than one reference to a footnote," in FM Help.

Please report back to this list about your progress and results.
Others on the list may have other suggestions, or improvements to add.



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