You did not mention which platform you are working with (Mac or Windows).
You also did not mention which version of FrameMaker.

What I do is look at the font that the document uses. If it does not contain
the required language characters I have fonts that I use. If it is Windows
Arial, Times and Courier have Turkish pieces, they end in TUR in your font
window. I have fonts that I have aquired over the years for Windows and Mac
that I have used to do Greek, Cyrillic, Central European and Turkish in
FrameMaker. I even surprised the Adobe rep and one of the conferences years
ago that I was doing these languages in FrameMaker since Adobe was saying
that FrameMaker did not "Support" these languages.

Let me know if you need additional information.


Ann Zdunczyk
a2z Publishing, Inc.
Language Layout & Translation Consulting
Phone: (336)922-1271
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Tried this already on techwr-l, with no replies. As I'm working in Frame
perhaps some of you can reply.

Are any of you creating documents in Turkish? If so, what font(s) are you


Milan Davidovic

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