I know this is a late reply but I will try to help a bit.

Question: Will all pages show the same date (i.e. be updated at the
same time) or will the pages be revised as an entity in itself?

If the whole manual will show the same date, the easiest thing would
be to make a variable with the date (in regular text format, not using
the date system variable) and insert it into both the Revision Page
revision entry _and_ to the header or footer of the master page(s).

If you want to have different dates on any page(s), you would have to
skip the date in the footer and add a text frame into each of the
pages (not connected to the main flow). You will add the revision
dates as new variables and insert the variables into the text fields
and into the entry in the Revison Page.

This should not be much work for a 30 page manual.



On Wed, Mar 19, 2008 at 2:00 PM, Deirdre Reagan
<deirdre.reagan at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello all!
>  I am staring at my FM 8.0 document and realize it's time yet again to
>  call on my good friends on teh intertubes.
>  I have a document of probably 30 pages with a Record of Revisions page.
>  The date on every single page is a cross reference to the original
>  date variable on the Record of Revisions page.  Does that sound right
>  to you?
>  I'm asking because I'm wondering how to deal with revisions.  How do I
>  modify the date on the pages that have been revised?  Put a
>  modification date variable on the Record of Revisions page then
>  manually erase the cross-reference on each affected page and insert a
>  cross-reference to the Record of Revision modification date variable?
>  That seems like a lot of manual labor, and adding the cross reference
>  will actually take more time than just cutting and pasting the revised
>  date.  And the automation of the cross-reference is irrelevant because
>  once the date's in place, it never changes except to get replaced by a
>  new revision date, which I have to do manually (see above).  Am I
>  missing something?
>  I've checked both Help in FM and the varible section in the Adobe FM
>  User Guide, but I haven't found the answer.
>  Also, is there a good tutorial anywhere that can teach me all of this
>  stuff?  Or is it a matter of experience?
>  Thanks,
>  Deirdre
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