Hi Framers:
[Running XP and FM7.2p149]

I wish to create dictionary style running headers in my indexes which would
reflect the very first word of an entry (not orphaned text) in the body text
of the page and then the last entry word on the page. For example, if I had
an index of (say) animals, the header would ideally look like

Aardvark to Bat

The manual suggests this can be done, but when I use the suggested variable
system with paraformats  and the second "+, " (for the last word),  I get
the following unsatisfactory result
Aardvark .......56, 67 to Bat....78

Obviously, I have not figured out how to get at the first word and the first
word ONLY i.e. eliminating the dot leaders and page number from the
variable. I'm sure there is a way.

btw. I am also looking for the bleeding thumb indexes talked about in the

Thanks for a wonderful list serv

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