My client started using imported text insets for some boilerplate paragraphs. 
In the folder tree, the folder of boilerplate source files is at the same level 
as the folder of the FM book. Both folders are checked into TortoiseSVN, an 
open-source client for Subversion, a version-control program.

Every time a different writer opens a FM file that uses one of the text insets, 
s/he gets an error message from FM saying the text inset is unresolved. 
Re-importing the text inset fixes the problem for that writer. Every writer 
opens the same FM file and imports the same text inset, so there's no reason 
for FM to lose the link. We copied both folders to a location outside SVN and 
the problem did not occur, so it has something to do with SVN. 

By the way, the book folder contains a subfolder of Xrefed image files, and SVN 
doesn't interfere with those links. We're going to try Xrefing the text insets 
instead of importing them, but Xrefing them means we lose the formatting and 
markers (Index and Hypertext) in the source files.

So ... anyone know what's going on here with SVN?

= Mike Bradley

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