Although I'd probably opt to use Rick's script, another way would be
to create a template using only the formats you want, and then use
Electropub's CleanImport plugin to impose those formats on the files
(which I hope would be in a book) -- the plugin deletes the missing
formats from the working files. Then you could do a simple conversion
from one format to another.


On Thu, Apr 10, 2008 at 11:43 AM, Rick Quatro <frameexpert at> 
> Hi Mollye,
>  I have a FrameScript script that will rename table formats. So you could
>  rename the formats that you are trying to eliminate to the ones you want to
>  keep. When the script renames the formats, it will delete the old name from
>  the table catalog.
>  The script is controlled by a simple INI file:
>  [TblFmts]
>  ; Old format=new format
>  Employee Listing=Format A
>  PCCCOM With Lines=Format A
>  Product Table-Gray Heading=Format A
>  In this example, they are changing 3 table formats to Format A. The script
>  works on a single document or book. The cost is $40 and the script requires
>  FrameScript in order to run ( Please let me know
>  if you have any questions or comments. Thanks.
>  Rick

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