However, it is my understanding that, if corporate funds pay for the
license, the license is owned by the corporation. If the offshore user
is an employee of the corporation, this is not a transfer, per se. Check
with Adobe.

I believe that you can delete all copies of 7.2, ship it to your
offshore employee, then purchase a copy of 8 for use in the US.

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> All,
> Have a question regarding the software license for FrameMaker. We have
> a new hire who is offshore. We need a FrameMaker license for this
> person. The rest our group is running 7.2 and the new hire would be
> running 8.0. Because this person is not an experienced Frame user, we
> would prefer to purchase Frame 8, transfer the the license to someone
> in the US and give the new hire 7.2. This will help us troubleshoot
> any problems, etc because we have our current setup well documented.
> In the past, it seemed that we could not transfer licenses
> internationally. Is this still true?
> Thanks,
> -Huntley
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