Just checking: Was FM closed when you tried to copy the file? I'll
assume that you have admin rights to the computer, too. 

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Subject: Getting FM to recognize Distiller Joboptions files

Hello all,

I've installed a new joboptions file (capdf8), but I can't get
FrameMaker to recognize it.  That is, if I open Distiller 8.1.0, I see
it in the Default Settings pull-down, and if I search my c:\ drive, I
can find it in c:\Documents and Settings\<my username>\Application
Data\Adobe\Adobe PDF\Settings\.

But, in FM 7.1b023, if I click Format, Document, PDF setup, it does not
appear in the PDF Job Options pull-down list on the Settings tab in the
PDF Setup dialog (Format, Document, PDF Settings). I did a search of my
c:\ drive for some of the files that do appear in this pull-down list
and found them in c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application
Data\Adobe\Adobe PDF\Settings\.  

One curious note: One of the files I see in my PDF Job Options pull-down
list within FM is capdf5, which is what I have been using.  When I
searched my c:\ drive for this file, I could not find it.

I thought the solution would be to copy capdf8 from the <my username>
path to the All Users path, but I got an error message that I "Cannot
copy capdf8: Access is denied." I attempted to uncheck the (grayed out)
read-only status of the folders within All Users, but got another error
message saying "An error occurred apply attributes to the file: ...
Access is denied.".

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