bob.pavelko at wrote:
> I have recently upgraded to FM 8.0p273 in the Windows XP environment and am
> having difficulty with the Next Paragraph Tag feature in the Paragraph
> Designer.  Paragraph Tags seem to ignore stepping to the Next Pgf Tag and
> instead insert the same Paragraph Tag.  I have saved 8.0p273 files as 7.0
> mif, then opened and worked with them using FM 7.1p114 in the Windows 2000
> environment and the Paragraph Tags behave as they should.
> Is this a bug or am I unaware of something that changed in FM 8?

I seem to remember a recent discussion that concluded the Next pgf tag 
function only works properly when the previous pgf is not empty.  Type 
some text, then press Enter, and you get the correct Next pgf.


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