I have a lot of XML files with the same structure which contain among
other things an element <insert>variable amount of text here</insert>
which comes as the last element of the document.  Each document
represents two or four pages of the final document.  The <insert>
element should appear inside a box on the bottom left corner of the
first page in the FrameMaker document.  Currently, we have to manually
move the element in between two paragraphs of the preceding text in
order to achieve the desired effect.

I am wondering if there wasn't a way to automatically do this when
importing the XML file?  Such as somehow moving it to a Flow B which
would be constituted by a rectangle in the bottom left corner of the
first page.  Or a text inset?  A drawback is that the text inside the
<insert> element is of variable length, so the box would need to be
able to grow or to shrink.

Is anybody facing similar problems, and possibly already has found a
solution to this?

I would be really grateful for any pointers on how we could (even
partially) automate this in some way or the other.  We're using 7.0 at
the moment, but considering a move to 8.x, probably even earlier if
the new version were to solve this problem :)


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