Hi Milan,
One of the files that come with FrameScript is "ImportPgfFormats.fsl"
which I use very much. With that you can choose which one or more of
PgfFormats you want to import.


On Fri, Apr 25, 2008 at 3:04 PM, Milan Davidovic <milan.lists at gmail.com> 
> I couldn't think of good terms for searching for this answer using
>  Google -- suggestions are welcome...
>  I'm in Frame 7.2 on Windows. When I want to import, say, one paragraph
>  format from another FrameMaker file into the one I'm working in, I go
>  File > Import > Formats and then select Paragraph Formats, importing
>  *all* the paragraph formats from that other file.
>  Is there a way (including scripts, plugins, etc.) of importing only
>  the one that I want?
>  --
>  Milan Davidovic
>  http://altmilan.blogspot.com
>  http://stctorcomp.blogspot.com
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