Even when they are extracted from a structured document or book, 
FrameMaker generated files are still unstructured documents. You can set up 
the TOC, LOT, and LOF to extract information from specified elements rather 
than from paragraphs with specified formats. However, the formatting of the 
generated files themselves will still be based on paragraph formats.
   If you need to store the generated files in SGML, you can use a 
conversion table to derive an element structure from the paragraph formats. 
For use within FrameMaker, however, leaving them unstructured is fine.

At 01:07 PM 4/24/2008, Harold Winberg wrote:
>We are converting our FM manuals from standard to SGML.
>In the standard manuals we used para tags to generate TOC, LOT, LOF and
>We have an EDD that uses FormatChangeList.
>Is there a plug-in or good method to create these formerly para tag
>generated files?

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