I think a big, possibly the biggest question, would be what version of
FM are you talking about?
There's always been some, and usually an increasing amount of support,
for different styles and levels of complexity as FM has evolved from
having separate unstructured and SGML versions to an integreated
But FM8 is the first that's come out of the box as an XML / DITA
editor without using plugins. So I'd use that as my baseline, I think,
rather than an earlier version that may have depended on tweaks,
kludges, or custom code.
And with that, I think, would be a question about whether it wouldn't
be better to use an XML based import rather than MIF.


On Mon, Apr 28, 2008 at 10:36 AM, Scott White <swhite at alamark.com> wrote:
> Framers
>  So getting to my question: what are the limits to structured frame
>  documents?
> What are the benefits, with my given needs, for running structured
>  frame documents?

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