Hi Stephen,

As Tammy said, we had some problems getting text insets to update 
programmatically through FrameScript. The solution was code to actually 
reimport the text insets. This isn't the most efficient approach, but it 

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

I have a document in a book (FM 7.2) that contains a large text inset.

When I update manually the book, the document
contents and those of its text inset (which
contains cond. formats) update correctly.

My script opens the same book and turns on the
correct cond. formats one document at a time and
then updates the book. The output is not the
same. The text inset does not always update. I've
read the command description (UPDATE) and
updating the text insets is the automatique behavior.

Note that in other cases all works well.

Any idea what may be wrong...

Thanks for your ideas...

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