I have the solution for my posting below, although I don't understand it.

For hyperlinks of the form 'message URL http://<url>', FrameMaker correctly 
opens the default browser. However, for hyperlinks that omit the protocol 
field, i.e. 'message URL <url>', for example 'message URL www.microsoft.com', 
it opens any version of Netscape that it can find.


At 10:59 +0000 28/3/08, Steve Rickaby wrote:

>This is a *Mac-specific* question which we've bandied about on the FmforOSX 
>group for a bit, with some interesting insights but as yet no solution.
>For some reason, my FrameMaker 7 installation has become obsessed with using 
>Netscape when web hyperlinks are control-option-clicked in a FrameMaker 
>document. I have some archive disks attached to this machine, and it managed 
>to find a copy of Netscape 3 (don't ask!). When in desperation I killed 
>Netscape 3, it then went off and ferreted out a copy of Netscape 4.7 that was 
>sitting in backup disk copy of a friend's Mac that I'm made for them.
>In all cases the default browser setting for both Classic and OS X is Safari.
>Does anyone know how FrameMaker selects the browser to use for web hyperlinks, 
>and how to configure it? I cannot find anything in the user guide or online 
>help (which sometimes opens in Safari and sometimes in Netscape).


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