I use a FM document to track all my documenting 
work and am making a personalized desktop via 
hypertext commands on the master page. So far I 
have links to documents, software, websites, 
Excel spreadsheets, PDFs from Tech Support, etc. 
The goal is to avoid clicking elsewhere, getting 
fast access, all from within my main software FM. 
One stop shopping for me. Has helped alot. As 
well, the document itself helps me track where I 
document a particular spec (task) by adding 
hyperlinks to specified named destinations, like 
a quick TOC of matter that the task touched in 
order to quickly return, review, etc.

Now my problem - submenus - they don't work (or 
only the commands in the first submenu do). Here is the situation:

On my Master page I have the word Language with 
the hypertext command Popup menu to popup flow Language (on Reference page).

The flow Language had three Popup commands 
(submenus) to distinct flows - Dictionaries, Grammar, and Translation.

Each of these flows have commands to open documents or go to URLs.

The 3 submenus display - OK.

The commands in the Dictionaries flow display and all work - OK.

For the other 2 flows the commands they contain 
are displayed but when I click on any one of them they do not work.

I tried using a graphic to define the active area 
instead of the word Language, to no avail.

I have searched FrameMaker user forum and knowledgebase without success.

Any ideas Framers?

Thanks for your ideas!

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