I absolutely did NOT say than any fonts are being "translated" either in the
background or otherwise. FrameMaker uses Type 1 fonts (please stop using the
term "PostScript fonts" - it means nothing since by definition, TrueType fonts
are every bit as much "PostScript fonts" as are Type 1 fonts) directly mapping
the glyphs in such fonts to Unicode. The same type of mapping occurs with
TrueType fonts and OpenType fonts.

You continue to use FrameMaker with Type 1 fonts the same way you did in the 

The only problem that I am aware of is where Type 1 fonts that had strange,
undocumented encodings are mapped into Unicode. This is also a problem with 
other Adobe application as well. (Example, mapping the Hebrew alphabet into the
Latin A through Z in a font for ease of keying. That is impossible for any 
based application to effectively deal with.)

        - Dov

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> Subject: Re: why am I having missing fonts in FM8, and how to correct?
> Hi,
> Would you be willing to clarify this for the font novice? From what I read 
> into your statement, it
> appears that Type 1 fonts (the old Adobe PS fonts) are being translated in 
> the background into
> Unicode. Is that accurate? Is there anything special I need to do? Or, can I 
> just go on to use Frame
> and the fonts I have (a combination of PS and TrueType fonts) just the way I 
> always have?
> Thanks,
> Nancy Adams
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> writes:
> FrameMaker 8 continues to support use of Type 1 fonts (I assume that is
> what you mean by "PS fonts") as well as TrueType and OpenType fonts. The
> character set of the Type 1 fonts are mapped into Unicode.
> You don't say what type of "font errors" you are getting (missing fonts?
> mismapped characters? What?). If you provide some specific information
> including the exact font names, source of such fonts, etc. and perhaps
> a sample document, we could perhaps better analyze the problem you are
> experiencing and offer some assistance.
>         - Dov
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> >
> > Hello:
> >
> > I know FM8 uses unicode, rather than PS fonts as before, but in an entire
> > group of 10+ writers, some of us are getting font errors, and some are
> > not, now that we're all using the ATCS.
> >
> > Further, many of the errors are for things like Helvetica, which is there
> > anyway!
> >
> > Is there a pointer to an explanation of why this is happening, and how to
> > fix the problem?  Sorry if this is already covered, but I couldn't locate
> > it in the framers archives.
> >
> >
> > Kanti Mann

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