FM 7.2 no longer shows the Font menu item in Format. I have checked
various files, and, oddly enough I found an almost complete duplicate
of FrameMaker 7.2 in C:\tmp. I don't remember having saved it there
and I don't think anyone would do such a thing in my absence.

I think the correct file for this must be the "menus.cfg" which holds
these lines about this item:

<Add FormatMenu <Menu !MakerMainMenu>>
   <Add FontMenu          <Menu FormatMenu>>
      <Add !ShowFontChoices            <Menu FontMenu>>

and then:
   <Add SizeMenu          <Menu FormatMenu>>
which is the first menu item showed in the drop-down list.

Can anyone shed a ligh on this? Is there anything missing


Thanks beforehand,

Bodvar Bjorgvinsson
Supervisor Publishing
Air Atlanta Icelandic

"It is impossible to make anything foolproof because fools are so ingenious."
 -- Edsel Murphy, dec.

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