Hello Everyone,

I?m new to the list - but I am looking forward to helping and contributing.
I?ve only been using Frame for a couple of years now, but I am getting more
and more experienced every day . . .

But not experienced enough to the bottom of this *Strangeness with

So I have four heading levels (Chapter.H1.H2.H3), and I need to have
numbered headings. I have the following autonumber formats.

   - H1 - <$chapnum>.<n+>
   - H2 - <$chapnum>.<n>.<n+>
   - H3 - <$chapnum>.<n>.<n>.<n+>

Everything should be fine, right? Well, it works in most of my chapters, but
in others it fails. The typical failure looks like:

   - 3.2
   - 3.2.1
   - 3.0.1 (where it should be 3.3.1)
   - Then I get 3.0.1 many times, suddenly a 3.2.1 and on and on, and it
   seems to be random.

I believe that my autonumbering format is correct, but that the numbering
must obviously be continued. A journey to *Format > Document > Numbering >
Paragraph > Continue Numbering* has been unsuccessful. The fundamental
numbering of the paragraphs is incorrect, but apart from the *Continue
Numbering* solution, I cannot think of anything.

When I created the document, I copied and pasted from previous headings, and
I can?t help but think that this is the source of my problems.

Any help you guys can provide would be much appreciated, and again, I am
really looking forward to contributing to this list.



Robert Rogge

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