I didn't know about this until I tried replicating your issue, but it does 
appear that both table and regular footnotes do not generate hypertext links 
from source to footnote.

Baruch Brodersen

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I am having trouble w/table footnotes - using Frame 7.2 Windows. I
create them correctly - with the cursor in the cell next to the
content, I choose Special > Footnote. No problem. If I have additional
areas of the table that need to reference the same footnote number, I
use a cross-reference w/a format that duplicate the table footnote
number i want, superscripted.

Now here is the problem:

* When I attempt to link from the footnote in the table (Ctrl-Alt) and
get the little pointing finger, I get nothing, but the entire cell,
and the footnote under the table are selected.

* When I Ctrl-Alt one of the x-ref footnotes, I get the little
pointing finger and am able to jump directly to the footnote below the

Am I a complete moron? I've been using Frame for a long time, and
don't know what I'm doing incorrectly. I realize I could use a named
destination | jump to destination for the first instance, but do I
really HAVE to??

HELP Frame Geniuses please!

Thank you,
Denise Salles

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