Don Rinderknecht wrote:

> I'm generating a large book. In one of my files I get this error in the 
> book error log:
> "Show/Hide setting for PrintVersion is inconsistent."
> I can't figure out what causes this one. Any ideas?

It's pretty straightforward. 

At least two of the files in your book have a Conditional Text
condition named PrintVersion defined in them. One of them is 
the "problem" file, and at least one (but perhaps multiple, or 
even all) of the files that precede the problem file also has the condition tag 
in it.  

The error message is telling you that in the problem file the 
Show/Hide setting for this condition tag is set to the opposite 
state from how it is set in all the preceding instances of the 
tag name.  For example, if three of the first eight files in your 
book are set to show the PrintVersion condition, the problem 
file must be set to hide the condition.  


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