Hello Verner,

There is an easier way to do this. In the Paragraph Designer (ctrl-m), 
just put your cursor in the Paragraph Tag field and type in the paragraph 
name you want and then click the Update All button. A window will pop up 
that asks, Rename all 'old-name' tags to 'new-name'?. Just click OK and 
they are all automagically updated.

Have a great day,
Tracy Cameron
Perle Systems Limited

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Best way to rename template paragraphs so that you can use short cut keys


I have inherited a template where you cannot easily use short cut keys
to get the paragraphs because the naming methodology is not consistant.

I want to rename my pararagrahs so that I can use short cut keys but I
want to keep the old paragraph formatting.

I think that there must be an easier way than the one I am using.

I use Paragraph tools from Silicon Praries to create a conversion
document. I type in the new names besides the old names in a table, run
tthe tool, and voila all paragraphs in the document are updated.

The issue is that the old paragraphs are still in the document when
creating the new ones. 
So if I want to test the short cuts for the new paragraps I may get some
of the old ones from the temlate.

How do you suggest that I proceed?

Med venlig hilsen - Best regards
Verner Andersen
Technical Writer

Radiometer Medical ApS
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verner.andersen at radiometer.dk

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