Details on your working environment, such as OS in use, FM version in
use, server issues, default printer settings, whether Acrobat is in
use, whether you're using ATM or not, or some other font manager, and
whether the problem is pervasive or only in a couple of files would be

As I know, Adobe continues to support PostScript, so that's probably
not the issue...


On Thu, Aug 28, 2008 at 7:40 AM, Tracy, Dick <dtracy at> 
> In the past week, we have font issues with our systems. It first started
> with CronoMM_408 Rg 11 OP font as being missing and now we're getting
> messages that FrameMaker cannot find AGaramond fonts
> (regular-italics-bold). The AGaramond font is installed on our systems.
> I want to make sure AGaramond font works and I also want the CronoMM_408
> RG 11 OP font to be replaced (which we have on our systems) to Cronos
> Pro. How can I make this global change in FrameMaker (step-by-step
> details needed)? Also, why does it seem like it's our .PFM/.PFB fonts
> are giving us issues? Is Adobe not supporting
> these fonts anymore?
> Best regards,
> Dick

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