Thanks, Fred.  
This does work - I was unaware of this feature.



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Sent: Friday, August 29, 2008 12:50 PM
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Subject: RE: FM<-->MIF round-tripping

Adam Schweitzer wrote (in part):

> Goal:
> In the process of converting several documents from paper to
> documents, a large number of (rather randomly placed) "discretionary
> hyphen" characters were inserted (probably by the OCR software). I
> cannot seem to select these characters for use with the find/replace
> tool in Framemaker, so my idea was to convert to .mif, remove all
> instances of <Char DiscHyphen>, and then save back as FM. This appears
> to be successful, subject to my concerns above.

Searching for the escape code "\-" (a backslash followed by a hyphen 
without the quotes) didn't work?  That's the standard code for typing a
discretionary hyphen in plain-text dialog boxes.  See Appendix A of the
FrameMaker User Guide for a full list of dialog box codes for special 

-Fred Ridder

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